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We provide state-of-the-art IT consulting and outsourcing services to business clients worldwide. We deliver unbeatable technology value to help our clients become industry leaders. We are here to be a reliable and easy-to-work partner for you, just like your home company. We value a fully-trusted and long-term partnership with our clients and turn it into more than just business relations. Ready to discover more?


Who we are

SOLEAD Software is a young company established in 2019, bringing together highly experienced IT professionals who understand your needs and solve your challenges. Despite our remote work nature, our experts fully integrate into your business environment and work just as efficiently as local engineers.

We occupy a unique niche between widespread service providers and staffing agencies, providing our clients with dedicated managed teams of IT professionals. Our local team management and attractive pricing model give us a competitive edge over other software vendors.


We are based in Lviv, a Ukrainian city located in the heart of Eastern Europe. Ukraine is one of the world’s most recognized and fastest-growing destinations for software outsourcing with nearly 200K IT professionals. Lviv is the second largest IT hub in Ukraine.

What we do

Dedicated Managed Teams (DMT)

We provide our clients worldwide with dedicated remote teams managed by SOLEAD. You get a well-tuned dedicated team, thus avoiding inefficient and expensive remote management. Our team is much more than just a collection of software engineers. We bear responsibility for proper team staffing, high-quality and productive teamwork, efficient communication, project plan execution, and timely delivery.

Our DMT model combines advantages of traditional service providers and staffing agencies. We build a dedicated team based on our client’s requirements, paying attention to both hard and soft skills of our engineers. We assign a team manager to each team to ensure efficient teamwork and timely high-quality deliverables. We can easily scale up or scale down the project team based on our client’s circumstances.

Our billing for DMT model is based on the delivered and approved work using hourly or monthly rates.

  • Team work
  • Timely delivery
  • Work quality
  • Staff turnover
  • Service cost
Staffing Agency Poor, often just a set of software engineers hardly managed remotely
SOLEAD Software Good, your team is staffed and managed by SOLEAD
Service Provider Good
Staffing Agency Total responsibility of the client
SOLEAD Software Supervised by SOLEAD
Service Provider Assured by service provider
Staffing Agency Good in case of a professional team
SOLEAD Software High, assured by SOLEAD
Service Provider Not always good due to staff replacements
Staffing Agency Low
SOLEAD Software Low, your team is dedicated, no resource sharing
Service Provider High, often with resource overloading and sharing across multiple projects
Staffing Agency Low-to-average
SOLEAD Software Average, optimized by SOLEAD
Service Provider High, you pay for all costly services, even unneeded

Our major expertise lies in a number of technology areas.

  • Microsoft

    .NET Framework, .NET Core, Azure

  • Web

    HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Go, PHP

  • Enterprise

    Java, Python, AWS

  • Mobile

    iOS/Android native, hybrid, PWAs

  • Embedded

    C/C++, security, networking, multithreading

IT Consulting

Our technology experts are here to help you with the most complex technical tasks, such as technology evaluation for your next product, audit of your existing software solution, prototyping of your challenging idea, and more.

In most cases ITC requires the onsite presence of our experts and access to your systems and specialists. To optimize service cost, we minimize our onsite presence to only necessary meetings and activities, and do the rest of the job on the SOLEAD side.

We provide IT consulting services in several areas.

  • Cloud Architecture and Microservices
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Embedded Systems and Networks
  • IoT and System Automation
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Security Assessment and Pentesting
  • UI/UX Strategy and Design

How we work

Working with SOLEAD is quite easy. You just need to go with us through four clear and well-defined steps.
  • 1
    Discovering Your Needs
  • 2
    Building a Team for You
  • 3
    Starting Delivering Value
  • 4
    Executing Quarterly Surveys

It’s a key to success to fully understand your challenge and your needs. SOLEAD can do that via onsite workshops and meetings, online communication with your core people, studying your software and documentation.

Our skilled and experienced engagement team will do their best to understand your situation and suggest a solution without interrupting your daily work and stealing a lot of your valuable time.

We build a dedicated team for you based on your requirements and our understanding of your needs. We always suggest starting with a small team of 2-3 engineers and then gradually add more specialists. We recommend mixing engineers of different seniority levels. Clients are welcome to participate in selection and approval of our team members.

Building a proper team always takes time. However, due to good knowledge and tight connection to the local IT community and labour market, we usually assemble the right team faster than the competition.

At this point, we start working for you. We suggest following the Agile methodology unless you have another established and ongoing practice in house. We provide our clients with detailed weekly worktime reports of all their team members.

Be prepared for proactivity of your SOLEAD team. Our engineers not only follow your specifications – they help you make your product better.

We do client satisfaction surveys on a quarterly basis. This tool helps us to deliver the maximum value to our clients and meet and often even exceed their expectations. This is not a formality – it’s a working instrument to assure mutually profitable, long-term partnership.

We also encourage our clients to have regular personal contacts on the engineering and management level. Your people are welcome to visit your SOLEAD team in our beautiful city of Lviv.

We put a big focus on the human aspect of our services. We integrate our teams into client’s environment. Our highly motivated engineers committed to clients’ success are able to bring you much more value than you can expect.

Our clients

We focus on business clients in Western Europe, USA and Canada. Similar culture, convenient flight connection, reasonable time difference, visa-free regime with Ukraine – all these benefits make your work with SOLEAD pleasant and comfortable.

SOLEAD is the right choice for a wide range of clients from a small high-tech startup and to a large non-IT corporation.

  • A Tech Startup

    looking for a development team to implement your innovative idea

  • A Software Vendor

    willing to optimize the development cost and deliver a product in time

  • A Non-IT Company

    needing a custom software solution for own business automation

  • An IT Service Provider

    experiencing a lack of own engineering workforce

    Want to try our services?

    Get in touch with us at


Dmytro Petrov, CEO & Founder, PhD

A seasoned C-level executive with over 20-year experience in software development and outsourcing. Belongs to the first generation of IT professionals who started the software outsourcing industry in Ukraine. Made a professional career from a Java Software Engineer to a CTO and CEO. Proud of establishing of a software delivery department of nearly 200 engineers from scratch.

Acted as an associate professor at Lviv Polytechnic National University. Prepared and delivered a number of IT courses for students of the Software Engineering Department. Holds a PhD degree in Computer Aided Design. Has over 20 scientific publications. Participated as a speaker in 5 international scientific conferences.

In free winter time, a fan of mountain skiing in beautiful Alps and Carpathians.

Anna Tsybko, COO & Founder

A VP level professional with over 15-year experience in the software outsourcing industry. Combines extensive expertise in HR, recruiting, resource management, PR and marketing. A career path extends from a marketing specialist to a VP HR & Recruiting. For many years was deeply involved in IT human resource management and built a unique corporate culture within the company.

Holds a MSc degree with honours in Management & Marketing from Lviv Institute of Management and a BSc degree with honours in Computer Science from Lviv Polytechnic National University. A winner of SABIT training program for international middle-level managers in 2004 with an internship in the US.

Last but not least, Anna holds the black belt in Kyokyshinkai karate and was a European champion in 2004.

All of our software engineers have a BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Applied Math or similar, and most importantly, multi-year hands-on experience in software development. We encourage our people’s proactivity, solid teamwork, high responsibility and commitment to client’s success.

And we all love mountains

We are always on the lookout for talented and creative professionals.
Want to join our team? Please, submit your application to

You can also check out our open jobs on the Internet.

Contact us

Headquarters, Delivery Center 

7D Naukova Str.
79060 Lviv, Ukraine
+380 32 240 2220

Sales Office, North America 

555 Wilson Ave., Ste. E103
Toronto, ON M3H 0C5, Canada
+1 647 864 2834

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