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How to Overcome 12 Major Outsourcing Concerns

In 2020, COVID changed the way businesses viewed remote work. Many companies that had never used a remote workforce for objective and subjective reasons were compelled to let their employees work from home to save their business operations. These new circumstances have empowered IT outsourcing, providing it with new opportunities. In this series of publications, we will review traditional outsourcing concerns and fears in the new business environment. We will use our experience, best practices, and industry standards to discuss and address these concerns. In our view, 2021 may open a window of opportunity for many companies to start using IT outsourcing and to resolve their long-standing business problems.

  • 15th February 2021

    #1: The Language and Communication Barrier

    Many clients consider language and communication issues the main barriers to outsourcing. This concern is linked to two fears: a vendor’s ability to communicate in the client’s native language and the absence of face-to-face communication.

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  • 19th March 2021

    #2: Lack of Control over the Team and its Work

    Every business owner wants to maintain control of his or her company and to run it efficiently. All company resources should be utilized with maximum productivity and minimum idle time.

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